Encyclopedia Brown vs. Cthulhu » Extremely Important Declarative Statement

Who we are.

We're a group of English speaking people who play video games – specifically those of The Secret World variety. You're welcome to play with us if you'd like. On the whole we're a fairly laid back group comprised mostly of twenty-something to thirty-something players. We really love to explode monster piñatas.

To play with us there are a few rules:

  1. Don't be a racist
  2. Don't be a sexist
  3. Don't be a bigot
  4. Don't be "that guy" (if this doesn't make sense, you may actually be "that guy")
  5. Try to be over 18. If you are not over 18 please remain calm, it will happen eventually.
  6. Don't obsess over loot. A little want is encouraged, a medium dose is good, a need is stretching it a bit thin, but an imperative isn't healthy for anyone.
  7. Keep spoilers out of cabal chat! Cabal chat is the sacred space far removed from the chaos that goes on in general chat. If you're the type of person who will bring cabal chat down to silimar levels, then seek ye clemency elsewhere.
  8. Have fun! You'd be surprised how many MMO players this applies to. If you're not having fun then there's a good chance you're stomping all over someone else's. Take a break if you need to, heck, go play Guild Wars or something, but if you're not enjoying your game experience then go do something that makes you happy.
We use voice communication when possible, and ask that you do as well (provided we're doing something that actually requires your attention). For that we use something called ... marbles? No, that isn't right ... mumble! It's mumble. Why mumble you may ask? Why not Ventrilo, or Teamspeak, or FancyPantsMcChatty? Because mumble has a decent client, doesn't require any silly license fees, and ... uh ... because shut up. Also it's already installed and setup.

That's pretty much it. Try and be friendly, helpful, and courteous. Do your best to represent the guild in a positive light, and the guild will do its best to not summon the old gods or the denizens of Idaville down on your head*.

What we do.

A little of this and a little of that. Heavy focus on PvE dungeons, lore, and puzzles (but none of that RP nonsense). We also hear the kids these days like to do something called pee-vee-pee? We'll do that too. Maybe not as much in the begining, but you know how it goes... fashionably late, etc.

Great! How do I join?

Find one of us in game. Guild home will be on Grim. We've got a cabal running in the closed beta right now, so just hit up Pizzy. When the game launches we'll update this again with more people to contact, and more elaborate instructions. Regardless you shuold always be able to contact Pizzy or Encyclopedia for an invite.

Why the Templar?

Honestly? Best deck reward outfits. Seriously.


Hey, did I tell you about the badgers?


It was once believed that if a badger stopped in front of you and scratched the ground, you would soon die.

Wait ... what!?


*No guarantees.

The fine print. This is the text that generally so small no one can really read it. That way we can get away with things like bload oath clauses or claiming the rights to your first born. You know, typical tiny-text-bottom-of-the-page stuff. I mean you could always just the zoom in your browser, but why take out all the mystery? Anyway, yeah. Small text.